Having a artist in the class room.

Having the artist in the class room was amazing!! It was amazing experience to have Ann Barber in the class room for a whole week to teach us how to make masks and act with the mask on. I am  glad that Ann Barber came to show her talents with us.

I was suppried when Ann said that we were going to make a mask out of  a pice of card borad. Well we did it with only using a pice of card borad, brown paper, pant, and this one kind of glue.Ann was really nice and help us when we had trouble she gave me some really good ideas to. 🙂

http://fiberfervor.files.wordpress.com/2009/07/christmas-tree.pngMy favorite thing is Christmas  because in my house we family gathering so  we get to spend time with my family  and eat the Christmas dinner my favorite. My favorite part of Christmas is looking for the tree and cutting it down and decorating it with balls and the angle up top of the tree. I love getting presents but i also like give them. On Christmas we like to sing Christmas songs, the one we like to sing is “rock-in around the Christmas tree”. If your favorite thing is christmas then leave a comment what you do!!!


My Crazy Family!!!



My Family, I have one mom and one step dad, one brother, two sisters and one step sister, and one cat, and then theres ME!
Some one always get in trouble in my house. Me and my sisters and brother alway arouge over nothing. We always get introuble but o-well. My mom and step dad trys to keep the house clean but that never happends when there is us in the house . My mom and I love to go shoping, we also love walking up town.
Well this in about my crazy family and me. leave me a comment and tell me about your family!!.

~~  Sarah~~


My family and I celebrate Halloween on the 31 of October..  and at school we have a Halloween dance.. on the 31 we drees up in our favorite carators  come to my door we give them some candy and we go trick or treating.

Do you celebrate Halloween????? leave a comment 🙂


Halloween street

Once upon a time it was 5:00 am in the morning october 29  tomorrow will be Halloween. The two girls Alison and Emily where working on there Halloween costumes at Emily’s house having a sleep over, Alison is going to be  a gost   and Emily is going to be an alion.  (scary). Before the girls go to be they where telling scary Halloween stores. There stores went like this….

It is  4:00 o`clock in the afternoon it was Halloween today  alison is over at Emily’s  house they were getting ready for halloween emilys mom made them some kraf dinner and a class of orange juice before the went out for Halloween the dorr bell rang emilys mom answered the door and these little boys and Emile’s mom but candy in the boys bags. Allison and Emily grab there bags and went out the door they went to ever ones house until they got to the  street no one was on the street…..

Can you finish the story by leaving a comment please and thanks !!! 🙂

Favorite Food!! :)



My favorite food is SUBSare from subway…. ummmy i like subs from subway because they are so good and ummy:) what i like on my subs are..I  like flat bread with lettuce, onion,tomato,pickles, and sub sauce. What do you like on your subs???   Maybe i will try it !!!! 🙂 🙂



Favorite Colour





My Favorite Colour  is  PURPLE ……. 

I like pruple because there is difrent shads of pruple and and pruple is cool and awesome and it is one of our schools colour……

Foot Print

Fooot Print

I jooned the google site……… When i went on google i found picures of MEEEEE!!!!!!! 🙂 I was on the  web of google because i have facebook  and my profile picture is on the website i went to…… I fate my birthday and the year i was born because  i dont want people to know when  i was born and when my birthday is.

Digital Citizenshipin


 Digital Citizenship

…….  I think Citizenship  means to help with teachersa and students.. But Digital Citizenship is more just a teaching tool, it is a way for students and teachers   to learn about technology…